Thursday, April 26, 2012

Practice Yoga on 5th

This is the studio I practice at and have begun my yoga journey.  I thought I would write a mini review and tell a little about the place.

Where is it?
504 East 5th Dayton, Ohio.  It's in the Oregon District in between Wayne Avenue and Jackson Street.

What kind of classes do they have?
Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Prenatal and More!

Who takes classes there?
It's a very diverse atmosphere!  There are people my age (24), over 50, and in between.  All races, beliefs, sizes and experience. Basically, if your a breathing human being, you will be welcome to join in. 

When do they have classes?
Class times vary throughout the week. There are classes as early as 6am and others as late as 7pm.  Don't worry, there are plenty in the middle of the day as well.  My schedule changes from week to week, and if I have managed to make it to four classes a week, I'm sure you can too! :-) 

Why do I go to Practice Yoga?
In short, I absolutely love it! In not so short, I love Practice Yoga on 5th because it's a great environment!  They encourage you to go at your own pace. (Remember that saying "Honor where you're at" I told you about?)  There is no pressure to "keep up" but they do want you to challenge yourself in a healthy way.  Competition does not exists but laughs sure do.  The teachers really have a keen eye for where you are at and where you've improved.  Also, just about each class something new is learned or brought to your attention to think about.  You can really grow mentally, physically and spiritually by keeping what they say in mind.  And they mean it!  It's not like they are spouting propaganda, a slogan, or anything pre arranged.  What is said is meant and for you to take positive insight from.  Plus, everyone is really nice! Saying hello, asking your name, or simply giving you a smile. xoxo 

How can you learn more?
Well here is the website for Practice Yoga on 5th. There is so much more to learn from their site...I just gave you a little sneak peek. Now open your present and see what's inside.  I think you'll like what you find.  It's a very user friendly site and there is even a video of a class and music by a local artist. Enjoy!


~Writer Yogi

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