Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Questioning the Support of the Universe Part 1

There is a saying that if you put what you want out to the Universe, it will conspire to make it happen. That's very true. Even knowing that, how does one welcome the help? Do you research and study all you can and then give what you have? Or do you say "Hey, F.Y.I, this is what I want," then begin from there? From what I've heard, it's all of the above. Not always together either. Some people quit their job and then almost immediately find the perfect one. A game plan won't even be in place. How does this happen and why?

Maybe the act of quitting, that declaration of having enough is so strong the Universe has no choice but to quickly respond. Like a ping pong match. When someone serves, the Universe better be quick if it wants to rally (which it does). Is the plan "In two weeks, I'm out of here," a solid enough affirmation to bring about such change? 

When I began practicing yoga in April 2012, everything about the rest of the year began to fall into a better place. I decided I wanted to be a full time writer, I cut hours at my job, cut my hair and went all natural and realized I could have a passion about something in life. Yoga was the key to that. One decision, "I'm going to take my first yoga class this week," resulted in me finding one of my passions in life. Helped me to find a way to understand myself, my spirit and the world around me. What are the odds when I take my first four yoga classes I have the opportunity to go to the yoga studio four times a week the whole next month and a win a challenge? Universe, was that you? *said coyly* 

Is that it then? Just claim something and trying it out no matter how small or great? This is on my mind since the worsening condition at my job. I want to quit. Yes I know, want all I like, the universe will allow me to keep wanting. Actually quitting...Oh I CAN quit. I should. At least there is another income and a couple months rent saved if I did. Is that still fair to my partner? Will the Universe back me up? It's not so easy when I think about effecting other people and bills. Why is it so easy to jump to the negative thoughts with such decision and not the super awesome ones that are bound to follow? (That's for another post I think) 

I remember when I felt like I had no passion in life. A passionate person with no passion to pursue. I would see others and wonder, "What is that like? Why can't I have that?" I'd ask myself how a person finds something that makes sense to them and intrigues them so much they learn from it everyday. They don't mind working with it every day. They don't get bored, its just more exploration though familiar. Yoga was that for me. The passion I found to pursue and have tons to learn from all the time! I know that feeling now. The practice, practitioners, asana, meditation, spirituality...All of it is a continual process of exploration, interest and learning.  

My point is, I thought to myself about having a passion, "Why can't that be me?" A few months later it was. Now I'm asking again about quitting a corporate job to fully follow my career as a full time writer and yoga instructor, "Why can't that be me?" And then...

To Be Continued.... 


  1. I see myself, in so many aspects of this post... keep chasing!
    can't wait for more!

    1. Hey Jesi hun!Thanks, we are in this together.

  2. Go! Go! Go!! Keep living it and rocking it, testing things out and seeing what works.

    "First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare." - Walt Disney

    1. Ria I Love You. That's all I have to say about that. :)

  3. We are all just doing the best we can in every moment in time. <3
    I look forward to reading more Rachelle!
    PS. I'm really loving all of the support and sharing with our blogs :)

  4. Much heart, keep on this truthful pursuit.



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