Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday: Jellied Fingers (poem)

Time clocks and writers block turn my rational inward
I fidget in my stripped socks afraid and curious.
I’ll escape the cherry ripe monotony
By tripping
Oh so purposely
Into the rabbit hole.

There’s music at the bottom
Turning my sanity inside out.
With singing about twinkling bats and skyward tea trays.
I join the mad dancing among alabaster plates to stay insane.

I’ve come to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
To celebrate newfound fanciful madness.
“Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” He asks.
I respond, “They both allow the spreading of wings.”

I write my words in butter so they’ll read more smoothly.
Why not?
We’re trying the same for our time stopped watches.
And glue the book binding with jam
So when my reader turns the page with jellied fingers
The words will stick.

Hold a pointer to your tongue my Wonderland reader.
Taste the sweetness of my words.

I realized I never posted this! A great day to post something wonderland and fun! Have a great Friday! 

Namaste my friends

~Writer Yogi 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Intention Of The Week: Breathe

This upcoming week, I will be working in a position I have no desire to take and was put into abruptly.  For the second time, I have been put into a situation I'm not ready for.  The first time I survived, obviously. That doesn't mean I have to be okay with it. 

I need to breathe.  I almost cried driving my car thinking about the week to come.  I attempted ujjayi breathing.  In the end, I got it together a little forcibly.  My husband was in the car and I didn't want him to think I was having a panic attack. 

Breath is Life.  Breathing keeps me, keeps us all, living.  Breathing during practice gets us through the tough positions and makes us feel more alive and ready when it's over.  There is a calming effect getting the extra air. Or at least paying attention to the air we are taking in.  I will need all I can get.

Talking to my husband, I understand, there is a lesson in the situation.  And it can be worse.  He did agree I don't have to like it.  If it gets tough, I  have to remember to breathe.  My life is not ending.

Like in yoga practice, when it gets hard, use more breath!  Remember to breathe this week.

Namaste my friends,

~Writer Yogi 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Intention of the Week: Drive Yourself

Sometimes it doesn't matter which way, it's the fact you decided to go! 

This week is devoted to pushing yourself.  Being your own inspiration and, well, "driving" force.  The one who needs to be looked up to this week is you.  Change "I wish I was more like him/her." to "I'm ready to be more like me." Who do I want to be when I grow up? Myself! Who is that really? Do you know? Allow yourself to open to your fullest potential. 

Everyone needs a good kick in the pants for time to time. By a friend, family member, a well aware pet.  Why settle for kicks most often to get going? They can hurt and get your pants dirty.  

Drive! Drive yourself. Perhaps begin cruising at a nice 30 - 35 miles per hour before hitting 65 mph and flying off! The passenger side does not exist unless you are bringing a friend along. You are not allowed to sit on that side of the car. Your friend is also not allowed to call the shots if coming along. You are driver and navigator. The GPS will also have to sit this one out. 

Becoming an actual driver (with an actual car), I realized how different things were. As I'm sure we all do starting to drive.  It feels good to be in control of where you are going, how fast, what time to leave and go home.  Most importantly, perspective changes. You see where you are going, you pay attention and don't just idly sit back going along for the ride. You begin to make plans for how to get somewhere and it takes your own will to get going and accomplish the tasks you have at hand.

First things first. All of this won't happen by the end of this week. It's an ongoing process. So at the very least, promise to get in the car, turn it on, and even if you don't know where you're going, pull off and drive! You are bound to get somewhere instead of parked going nowhere.

Namaste my friends,

~Writer Yogi 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ujjayi Breathing: What is it and how is it done?

This is a video on how to accomplish Ujjayi Breathing. At the very beginning of the video it describes this as a type of deep breathing from the nose and throat. To me, the purpose of Ujjayi is to help you focus and continue to breathe throughout your practice.  It can also be used for sitting meditation which I am always working on. I also looove the sound! It can sound like an ocean or as if you are breathing all life from the world only to give it as generously back. I am still working on my Ujjayi breathing. It's getting there! This video will help my journey along.

Namaste my friends,

~Writer Yogi 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Intention Of The Week: Connect and Grow

This is something I will begin to post weekly. My Intention Of The Week. I've found setting and intention before my yoga practice really helps.  I have something I am focusing on or striving for and gets me motivated in a tough moment during practice if one occurs.  Of course if it's good in yoga is even better for Life! It can be a goal, a feeling.  From "Make it through work today" to my intention last week "Productivity and Creativity".  By keeping this in mind, I accomplished so much!

from (great site!)
Last weeks intention was thrilling! What a great focus and what a great week.  I helped a book store I am getting involved with get their "feng shui" together. HaHa. Customers are responding well to it since it is equally a bookstore and a place to relax, read or have a group talk.  I met with fellow writers in my community for the first time which went very well and we are planning to begin to meet regularly.  The bookstore mentioned before, we are holding an open reading for writers which we plan to eventually get specialized and themed and there has been positive buzz about that.  I can't believe what a week I've had. Sooo much creativity and productivity all smashed into the busiest week at my job. Whoot! 

By keeping Productivity and Creativity in mind all week, I was able to be ready to get all of this done. I had an intention, which defines as " a determination to act in a certain way" or "what one intends to bring about". When there is something in your mind every day, all week, there is no way you can ignore it. And why would you want to? 

This weeks Intention is Connect and Grow.  Some things I can already see coming to pass are continuing to connect with my new found community, advertising for the Reading, growing as a writer and leader and connecting what I think and feel during my yoga practice to life and grow from lessons learned.  Those are only what I can think of. I pray that is not all! I am all for connecting and growing in any and all ways.  This will be an exciting week!

Now I will note, don't feel blocked in by your intention. You are allowed to have more than one at a time. Each day is different.  Consider this intention to be what you are determined to accomplish for the week as a whole. During your yoga practice one day, your intention may be to relax after a long day.  Or if you wake up in the morning drowsy your intention is to gain energy.

Anytime during the week, you may even want to make your intention a mantra. A word or phrase repeated to focus on during meditation. I would even say, as a reminder to yourself for the non yogis reading.  Last week while sitting silent for 30 minutes, I took a moment to breathe in Productivity and breathe out Creativity as if that was a process literally going on in my body. As a boost to finish the end of the week well.

So set your intention or feel feel to join me in mine. Have fun and Be Bold!

Connect and Create xoxo

~Writer Yogi 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Your Existence and Yoga

collage from my personal journal
Don't merely open your heart.
Open your Entire Existence to Yoga
And see how your world transforms.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Words For Wednesday: Alive When Vulnerable

I find that I'm the most alive when I am vulnerable. 

When I open my heart so much I want to burst! 
I am overflowing with excitement and sharing it all with others and all I can do is wait and see how they feel about it. 
Of course, it can go either way. Positively or negatively. 
It's the fact that I got out there.  
The fact I went out and tried to do or express what I felt was best.  
What I felt needed to be done. 

The Love I felt needed to be shared.  

Yes, as my heart stretches open beyond its own space and at the same time making room for others to come in,

 I am happy. 

My heart is not just on my sleeve. 
I wear it like jewelry or let it come out in other parts of me 
wherever, however, whenever.  

It's my wedding ring, 
my eclectically dangling earrings, 
how my hair grows from my head, 
my eyes glazing over with wonder, 
the way I touch things as if I was still five, 
figuring out how to move from chaturanga to upward dog. 

It is this. 

Telling you, how I feel. 

My heart is my body, spirit and mind wrapped in the universes warm breath we call Life. 

As we all are. 

Hey, we're all stronger than we thought.

Namaste My Friends,

~Chelle aka Writer Yogi 


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