Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hey all, my name is Rachelle. You can call me Chelle. Or the name that a friend gave me at practice, Writer Yogi ( I love writing poetry and am a Yogi lol) This name is absolutely wonderful! And such a compliment from her.  It combines two things I want to be and am going to be. No, correction, I'm going to confirm that I am a writer and a yogi. :-)  

I'm at the beginning of my yoga journey.  I started practicing at the end of March and have been going four times a week this month for a Practice Challenge. I absolutely love it!  Yoga is really going to change my life and I hope if you are on the same journey I'm on, it will change yours too. The purpose of this blog is the share what I've learned from practice and to inspire others beginning yoga as well. To tell what yoga means for me and to hear what it means to you. If nothing else, I hope you gain some inspiration in life and enjoy whatever poetry that comes from it. 

This is a poem I wrote about starting yoga.  One thing you learn is that you need to focus on today.  Live fully in the moment and don't wait for tomorrow. Hopefully it will represent  other beginners as well. (I have it posted in my other blog, I didn't take it. Incase anyone asks about it being posted multiple times.)

Today Yogi, start as a small seed.

Nestle into your mat as a sleeping child. 

The next Today (for everyday is Today) start to slowly stretch down,

Like the yawning dog,

And up towards your possibilities.

(Forget trying to hold them all, there are too many.)

Then Today become a sapling.

Salute the sun young one. Warm your face and photosynthesize your spirit from it.

Then Today become a tree strong rooted in the earth. 

Dig in like barefooted heels when the wind blows you into Namaste.

Embrace the breeze like it is your own breathing.

(Lifting up breathe in, Settle in breathe out)

Blossom Today. And your flowers will release parts of you further into the universe.

Breathe Today.

Ahhh, Breathe Today.

Then Breathe again Today.

(Be Happy everyday is Today. 

With no tomorrow,

We won’t have to wait until then.)

I hope you enjoyed and will join me in my experience and share yours with me! 

Writer Yogi

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