Monday, December 3, 2012

The Darkness Spoke Nightmares, The Light gave me Dreams

The darkness spoke so loudly I could barely think myself.
The familiar sound of its faithless taunt
Reverberated between my eyes.
A serpent’s tongue before the strike
Stalking my mousy shine

The darkness spoke nightmares behind my lids.
No shutting my eyes for daydreams.
My morning sandman had gotten all wet
Muddy and swamp like, my new boogeyman.

The darkness spoke an identical rhythm.
Calling on my frequency.
“Stay down my dear. Why try to get up?”
The darkness spoke with my voice.

The light opened my eyes with truthful words,
“Why close your eyes? You cannot see.
Purpose and possibility should be looked at closely.”

The light gave me my dreams in a crystal wind chime
Forever to jingle beautifully the sounds of my passion
Reflecting the sun with blinding brilliance
Making lovely the teardrops on rainy days.

The light took my hands and danced with me.
We kicked the dust of dried up baggage.
“Breathe your limbs exhausted triumph.
Water your plants. This is life.”

The darkness SPOKE.
The light didn’t listen.
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The darkness Spoke.
The light didn’t hear.

The darkness… spoke.
No one was there.

I saw a tree and decided to climb
The light widely smiled, then joined me.

~Writer Yogi (Chelle) 

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