Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coloring Outside the Lines

The poem  below "Tall Grass", came from my thoughts on having a "real" job. Doing what you your "supposed" to do to live life.  The jobs to get by, to pay rent.  Thinking inside of societies construct of success and what it would be like to think outside of it. To Live outside of it. 

You want to know why kids start off coloring outside the lines?  Because they know no boundaries! Their freedom and imagination are nearly endless and too big for the black lines, or (even the paper if they go beyond that).  Staying neatly inside the lines, doesn't make it art.  Just because you can hold a money making job, doesn't mean thats the right way to live.  If that does happen to be your path, I hope it makes you happy. For those like me... Here's to living a life of art, poetry, community and creativity! 

Tall Grass

Let us step forward into the nappy forest.
More episodic with every step.

You call this land unsightly
I call it independent.

You call dandelions weeds
I call them yellow flowers.

You call the coastal redwood old and its towering height unnatural
I call it wise and the size of my dreams.

“Look at the tall grass.  Wild and unmanageable.”

“Yes the grass is long and tangled,
It’s determined to one day reach the sun. Can you think as big?”

Your solid path is hard and unforgiving.
The grass gives way underneath my feet.

Your realities pavement is stiff, pushing back.
The grass lifts me on its back like a kid sister.

The grey road soaks up water, pretending it wasn’t there.
The grass shares its tears openly in the rain.

You’re ready go to your concrete reality.

“You still haven’t seen the forest yet.” I plead,
“Won’t you color outside the lines with me?” 



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