Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seven Steps To Follow My Heart

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"Who am I in the midst of all this thought traffic?" - Rumi

This quote popped up on my Facebook a day after I began working on this.  How appropriate and on time!  Especially since one major dilemma that has plagued me for years is... My Own Mind.  There are times when I feel my mind literally struggling against me.  It may be a Heart vs. Mind issue.

My allegiance is with Heart, but Mind has the bigger army.  I keep getting kidnapped by the enemy like the Pink Princess in Mario.  When Heart begins to rise up, Mind comes back with cannons of doubt and fear gunfire.  Or simple random thought troops running around the battlefield madly, just to disorient the Heart.  Unlike the Princess, I can and will save myself.  It helps I'm never too far from a fanciful or wishful thoughts.  I don't believe I will ever give that up.

I've always had a great imagination. Practicing yoga is helping me to realize this is a good thing!  I'm going to be real for a moment...Pardon if you find offense but Reality is Bullsh*t.  Thinking inside the lines is a great way to stay exactly where you are or about two feet beyond it.  Now I'm not against common sense! Please, be reasonable.  When I talk about mind, I mean being too realistic, not thinking outside the lines, thinking with extreme fundamentalism that allows no room for creativity and exploration. This idea was confirmed when I saw this video on Laruga Glaser's blog of Will Smith talking about success. It's really inspiring, straightforward and hits the heart when  he makes you realize, "Wow, I really can get it figured out! I really am the only one holding myself back."

The purpose of this post is to try to find a way to make time to tap into the unreal.  To find time for the Heart.  To open up the heart.  To make time to do what needs to be done in life but to also do what you Want in life.  For me, the major thing is Happiness. I want to be happy. I want to have fun, I want to enjoy what is out in the world and I want to do it with others. As stated above, my mind gets in the way. Cluttered, unorganized, distressed, stressed, weary. Starting the First of June (I know, there is no day like today, but I ended up finishing this post on the 31st haha) I will begin to work on my Seven Steps To Follow My Heart.  My ways to open my heart, clear my mind, do what obligations I need to do, but always make time for myself and fun.   How does that sound?  I'm open to having you come along with me! xoxo 

For some, they may do this all the time.  And that is fantastic! Please, feel free to share any tricks of the trade you have! For others, like myself, if takes a little longer. But We Never Give Up. 

1.)  5 Minute Meditation. 
Meditation is important to allow ourselves to let go.  Have some time for oneself, clear the mind, and just get some breath going on.  Of course, you can meditate longer if you wish for an hour, or even shorter, for a song's length.  My post on Meditation for beginners is Here.  I will give you a post from on the more physical aspects such as posture, hand placement, etc. Here. Taking 5 minutes out of the day is making sure you have at least the smallest amount of personal/reset time. It will probably get to the point, once you start doing it, you will realize how great it is!  I got off track. The only good thing about that is, it made me realize how much of a difference it was making!

2.)  Make Goals
This is a list of long term goals you wish to accomplish.  I tend to have a lot of things I want to accomplish at once, and it would be best to have all of them in one space.  Sometimes we tend to focus on one thing, then another, and eventually it all gets lost.  Having a list of long term goals will help to always keep in mind major plans for the future.  Examples, weight loss, going back to school, growing your hair to your shoulders, anything that is going to take a bit more time to accomplish.  Having a list in one place will allow you to keep your eye on your goals.  I also advise leaving some room for revision.  There may be an added goal, a goal crossed out, or revised. Or rewrite them, haha, but sometimes it's fun to see where we have been and where we are going. Next to a calendar, in your planner, on the mirror, somewhere it can be noticed and not forgotten.

Goals are very important.  They give us something to strive for.  Purpose and direction.  It feels good to say, "Hey, look what I've done!".  Confidence and pride comes from accomplishing a goal.

3.)  Have a schedule
Having a schedule is for short term goals, events or errands that need to be done.  For example, Work on Monday, Hair appointment on Tuesday, Grocery shop Wednesday, and so on.  These are things that are done weekly.  Or have to get done during the week that do not take long term investment.  I find if I have something marked in my planner, there is a better chance I will go to get it done because it is written.  It may sound crazy, but if it's written down, it has a more official and set in stone feel to it to motivate me to be productive.  This is another way to keep track of the smaller more prevalent things that need to get done and may get lost in the helter skelter of thoughts and activities.  It may also keep (some) of us from overbooking ourselves. 

4.) Yoga four times a week
Or some sort of physical activity.  Now this may be hard.  Especially with schedules that do not have consistency.  It is a must to get some sort of activity in because it's good for the body and the mind.  This is a long term goal and a schedule thing.  Your physical activity should hopefully be something you really enjoy and want to stick with.  It can be scheduled into your week until it becomes something that's natural. 

 It has been hard for me lately to get to yoga four times a week (tear) which means....The dreaded Home Practice!  Well, not dreaded, but not something I am comfortable with.  That just means, I have to try to work with my house and myself to make it work.  Also, try to find other physical activities I enjoy in between any non yoga time. Staying active will keep the mind active and alert.  The body will feel the same way and then, there will be no stopping getting out and going somewhere. 

5.)  Think and expand on one happy thought a day.
I say only one because I want to mindfully think about whatever this happy thought is.  To truly understand an appreciate it.  That doesn't mean you have to be able to feel you could write a book about it or fly on new found wings, though if that happens, right on. Don't over analyze.  Just take a moment to really feel thankful for the happy moment.  Thinking even one positive thought a day will begin to change your minds perception of life.  

Instead of thinking of the negatives, your mind will begin to search for all the positive things in life.  Instead of one happy thought, you will be flooded by all the other examples that you came across that day.  You can think this thought to yourself, write it down, or talk to a friend about it.  However you do it, just make sure you have that thought.  Here is an article of gratitude quotes on that can serve as some encouragement and to help jump start this thought process.  

6.)  Do something you love everyday
No matter how long or short the time, 30 seconds to 2 hours and all above, below and in between!  Each day we need to do something we love.  Why?  Because each time we don't we are putting what makes us happy to the side and eventually it becomes something that we lose track of and miss.  If we condition ourselves to do something we love each day, it will become a habit and we will remember how much we love doing whatever it is and won't want to stop.  And why should we?  I was talking to my husband, about something else, but he made the same point all the same.  By not going for what you want today, that leaves one less day to have that going on. (He's so smart xoxo) 

Again, my major goal in life is happiness.  How can that be attained by not doing what makes me happy?  Here are some examples of something anyone would do to make themselves happy: play a video game, yoga, meditation, read a few pages of a good book, watch a favorite show, listen to a favorite song, sing to a favorite song as though no one was listening, dance as though no one is watching, kiss a loved one human or animal, write poetry, a song, an erotic novel, heck rewrite history!....Whatever you love to do that puts some joy in your heart.

7.) Love and Respect Yourself!
Something I noticed is that, it is easy for me to complete some tasks or some challenges for other people or reasons outside of myself. Sometimes it is easier to complete a challenge for religion, a prize, a friend, or an organization.  Then lose motivation when there is only myself to complete something for.  Has anyone else experienced this? Why is that?  How does that make sense?  That is another battle of the mind.  Thinking vs. Knowing you are worth putting effort into.  

In all of this, there is a search for self worth.  Proving that taking time out for all of these different things for oneself is okay and should be embraced.  If we do not love ourselves, how can we completely love others? We all live in our own skin, if we don't take care of, and love, and respect and appreciate it, what is the point of life?  Yes, someone else will see your greatness, but if you don't, it's all for nothing.

Yes, life is full of obligations. If we take the proper steps, and make our first Priority, Happiness, Love, Adventure, Well Being, some obligations will disappear, we will learn that doing what we love in life is worth fighting for, living for, and eventually, have the lives we've always wanted.  The Heart will not only be open, but strong!  Heart and Mind will make a truce and learn to work together (though Mind can be second in command).

Whose With Me?!

Namaste My Friends,

~Writer Yogi 


  1. I had 2, 3 and 6 in the bag. I do dance quite a bit which I count in a way since it gets me in my body much the way yoga used to when I practiced more often. Now I can add in the others and join the journey with you!

    1. I think I have each of them at various times, but never all of them at the same time, consistently all the time! I am glad to have you on the journey with me. :) It's going to take a while but it's going to happen. We'll be well fierce.



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