Saturday, May 5, 2012

Inside Out

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Be everything, especially Victorious.

This is a poem I wrote a couple years ago for my capstone.  It is in a collection of poems that I want to be a book some day. Well, we will see on that. My inspiration has changed but it is still a great poem.  It came into my mind because when I wrote this, I was not practicing yoga.  Now that I am, it seems to relate to a yogi's life also.  Finding what is inside and letting it all out. Letting it out creatively, beautifully, strongly, passionately. Thinking about things differently.  

What is inside of you, don't hold it back, do not be afraid of it! (I am preacher, choir, and congregation to myself as well right now). That's your Greatness going through Fear and Doubt's gauntlet. As Greatness walks through, Doubt taunts with negative "what if's" and downplays budding potential as nothing but silly dreams.  Fear strikes pushing thoughts of failure and rejection.  Doubt beats your Greatness over the head with "reality" and thinking "rationally" and "realistically".  Fear goes to your Greatness's knees with "You can't you can't YOU CAN'T!".  

As as you Greatness is on hands and knees, bruised and beaten.  What does it do?  Cow Pose, Cat Pose, Upward Facing Dog, Downward facing Dog, Steps Forward to a fold, stands up reaching to the sky, and with hands to heart, Walks forward.  Amongst the taunts, the beatings, bruises, Fear, Doubt, Worries, Greatness walks on until it reaches the End and.....Smiles. Without looking back, Your Greatness continues on to what it was meant to be. Raising you to a higher level by doing what you LOVE to do and living a HAPPY life. 

Inside Out
What is inside a minds synaptic jungle
Must come out of the mouth like a breeze.
Unseen to human eyes
Felt like a heart flutter
Jumpstarting thoughts on its meaning.

What is inside the fist shaped muscle
Must come out to the purpleorange sky.
Pumping imaginations reality through blood
In order to bring rain
Or contained in God’s eyes.

What is inside the throats harp strings
Must come out like reverberating rhythms.
Making opinions dance on light bulbs
Awaking a statement
With a harmonizing song.

What is inside a palm lined with constellations
Must come out as a spilled bottle of bubbles.
Flowing like the fountain of life
In a soft infants eyes
Before a  feather-like sleep. 

What is inside the warped reflection behind an eye
What is inside an ear hearing a planet pause
What is inside a dew drop of passion on a tongue

Must come out. 

Namaste my friend,

~Writer Yogi~ 

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