Monday, November 5, 2012


Starting this month, I begin my 18 month transition to being a full time writer. At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to do anything needed to better myself. I figured it would stop at better health and finding my dream job. It has turned out to be so much more! 

I began to realize what I really needed was TRUTH. Truth and Foundation. What exactly do I mean by "truth"? 

What I am meant to be doing in my life. The truths I find about myself (actions, thoughts etc.). Any truths that arise from yoga, going natural, my relationship with food, and so on. 

One truth a day about life. Truth as in seeking honestly and true purpose.

Living the life meant to be lived. Loving oneself and no longer living lies told by ourselves and others.

I am seeking foundation. One truth a day is one baby step a day to living and Ujjayi Life. Victorious Life. 

There are no set rules about how to go about this. I have set one truth a day so that you know, you only need one a day to begin to change. Looking at the overall picture can be overwhelming and lead to ignoring the present, the now. What is happening TODAY. If you have more than one truth, that's great! A friend of mine said she started a truth list! A great idea.  My truths will be in my journal and of course here. For you to be able to join me in my journey. I want to be open and honest. I want to be free from the lies and fear.

I will tell you the truth, Not All Truth's will be Nice. Some truths you tell may hurt. In that, is where the healing is. You are admitting that this pain is there. You are admitting there is something not quite to your liking. Now you can do something about it! And you do not have to do it alone! I have a network I have become connected with to help me through my truth about my poor relationship with food (which is actually a poor relationship with myself).  Find a network, a friend, pets, family, journal, a higher power. Perhaps all that I have listed are a higher power to you. It is what YOU need.

Also, don't feel like you have to move quickly. Again, one truth a day is a baby step. Sometimes you may have the same truth for a couple days, month, this whole 18 months! Or a truth may come up again after a few weeks or so.  It doesn't matter! Truth, is Truth! Remember that.

In the end, this is a journey about LOVE. Yes love. Loving yourself! Truly, honestly, openly, fearfully, angrily, broken heartedly, and in the end victoriously! 

Whose with me? Who wants to share one truth a day to further your life's journey? Each day I will post to my Facebook and twitter, or this blog. I'll be using the hashtag #MyOneTruth.  Feel free to share your truths with me using this tag on either of these places. Even if you don't share with me, make sure to at least share with yourself! You owe it to yourself to be honest. To live a happy life. This is the only one we have that I am aware of. Even if it's not, why not live many happy lives? What's the point of suffering? 

I can honestly say, things have changed in the most unexpected ways since I have gone on my mission of truth. Finding out about what I really want to do in life, where my fears are, what I have been doing to hold myself back, where I have been living victoriously and not even realizing it! 

I am here with my hand out and open to you. I want you to take it. Not just because I want to hold your hand and help you. I want you to help me too. We are in this together. Connection only makes us stronger. 

My name is Rachelle Alexis Smith Stokes and I vow to TEll MYSELF THE TRUTH. 

Will you? 

Namaste with All The Love,

~Chelle, Writer Yogi 

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