Friday, January 11, 2013

Yawning Us Awake Greatness

We the manifestation of our dreams destination connected to stars shooting having string attached to this wet globe with earth patches our consciousness gives conscious decision for the world to turn lifting dust from our pasts ashes and spreading to lungs of fellow three from the sun planet dwellers and starship sailors we haven't met because they know we're not ready our breath will continue into the next decade century millennia as breath of someone far from us now but feels where we've been that extra inhale of air taken every once in a while when the sunrise is seen and the past crosses the mind like morning birds across the sky we're the determination of cells and DNA to be more than human Morse Code and scribbled symbols to define the origin of our skin holding infinity within our souls rolling over during sleep before standing in the morning yawning us awake greatness where we are so continue to be.


  1. I read this 4 times over...
    My mind is really happy.
    Thank you!

    1. Namaste! I am so pleased you enjoyed it. More to come. xoxo



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