Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sitting Alone

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I was reading Daily Cup of Yoga and this article on Learning to Sit Alone really got into my head.  It talks about getting away from the distractions and learning to be with ourselves, and gaining calm and insight.  I've re-read over a bunch of parts because I keep thinking to myself, how do I get still?  How do I get quiet?

I've noticed lately my mind has been elsewhere most of the time.  Away in "La-La Land".  Which is fine, but after a bit, I need to snap back to reality to get things done.  Also, I think I am just urging to be alone. To be truly alone.  Not antisocial, but still, clear, open.

The article is in the meditation section on  I have written about my attempts at meditation.  Starting with 5 mins or whatever I have time for.  I think I may need to revamp how I am going about it.  Which is fine. I am still at the very beginners stage of my yoga journey so I am happy to play around with ideas and techniques.  I won't leave what I have now. I just want to try other things too.  I listen to music.  I do this to try to tune out a tv that may be on, my husband moving around, house sounds.  Maybe I need to try be completely silent. No music, and to tune out whatever noises arise, or perhaps just acknowledge them and move on....

I suppose what I have learned, is to quiet the mind, is to accept my mind and then let it go.  Let all of my thoughts come to me, say hello and then allow them to pass by.  There are times when I am alone, but my mind is not.  I am always trying to think of something entertaining, whimsical or whatever.  Perhaps, once I empty that full cup in my mind, completely, silently, and oh so slowly, I can allow it to fill with better things....

Contemplatively yours my friends,

~Writer Yogi 


  1. I feel that this is my biggest issue in life - that I cannot quiet my mind. As I am sitting here, procrastinating studying for prelims because it is the most painful academic thing I have done, I just want to sit and be still. I don't want to think about anything. I want to learn how to empty my mind. This would most certainly be beneficial for me.

    After prelims, I am so diving into this blog of yours. Just from the couple of posts I have read, I very much appreciate your words. You are inspiring, Rachelle. I am glad I know you!

    1. It is so great to hear from you dear! I wish you well on your tests and I know you will do just fine! I am so honored by your words. I'm glad I can be an inspiration. I'm glad you'll be sharing this journey with me through my blog.

      As for quieting the mind, it takes time. I mean, lots of time. lol. It's going to take me a long time to get it since my mind is ALWAYS going. What I can say is, the first step is just learning to sit still. Even if your mind is going. Just sitting there is harder than you thought. The rest is practice.

      xoxo to you my dear!



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