Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Words For Wednesday: Alive When Vulnerable

I find that I'm the most alive when I am vulnerable. 

When I open my heart so much I want to burst! 
I am overflowing with excitement and sharing it all with others and all I can do is wait and see how they feel about it. 
Of course, it can go either way. Positively or negatively. 
It's the fact that I got out there.  
The fact I went out and tried to do or express what I felt was best.  
What I felt needed to be done. 

The Love I felt needed to be shared.  

Yes, as my heart stretches open beyond its own space and at the same time making room for others to come in,

 I am happy. 

My heart is not just on my sleeve. 
I wear it like jewelry or let it come out in other parts of me 
wherever, however, whenever.  

It's my wedding ring, 
my eclectically dangling earrings, 
how my hair grows from my head, 
my eyes glazing over with wonder, 
the way I touch things as if I was still five, 
figuring out how to move from chaturanga to upward dog. 

It is this. 

Telling you, how I feel. 

My heart is my body, spirit and mind wrapped in the universes warm breath we call Life. 

As we all are. 

Hey, we're all stronger than we thought.

Namaste My Friends,

~Chelle aka Writer Yogi 

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