Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday: Jellied Fingers (poem)

Time clocks and writers block turn my rational inward
I fidget in my stripped socks afraid and curious.
I’ll escape the cherry ripe monotony
By tripping
Oh so purposely
Into the rabbit hole.

There’s music at the bottom
Turning my sanity inside out.
With singing about twinkling bats and skyward tea trays.
I join the mad dancing among alabaster plates to stay insane.

I’ve come to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
To celebrate newfound fanciful madness.
“Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” He asks.
I respond, “They both allow the spreading of wings.”

I write my words in butter so they’ll read more smoothly.
Why not?
We’re trying the same for our time stopped watches.
And glue the book binding with jam
So when my reader turns the page with jellied fingers
The words will stick.

Hold a pointer to your tongue my Wonderland reader.
Taste the sweetness of my words.

I realized I never posted this! A great day to post something wonderland and fun! Have a great Friday! 

Namaste my friends

~Writer Yogi 


  1. I like this a lot! It reminds me of how I deal with what I call white collar oblivion haha. The rest of the world sees white and gray and gets the feeling of a hospital with the AC cranked up to 9th circle temperature but I have turned this into a magical land.

    Whatever I have to do to keep creativity and humanity alive haha.

    1. You got it my man! And I am loving the hospital analogy. This is a wonderland and don quixote type deal. Are the "insane" people really crazy or do they know what it's all about?! I'm glad you enjoyed Tim! xoxo



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