Friday, October 5, 2012

Yogic Prayer

I did a google search "yogic prayer" and this is an image I got. 
"Yoga in the sacred place. (Padmasana Prayer Anahatha) A man doing yoga in  Canti Ijo buddhist temple  at the highest point of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. from

Sometimes yoga and meditation can be like that. You are so open and honest with your body and the experience you have no choice but to lay in savasana, vulernable to what comes. 

Sometimes it's anger, sometimes it's tears, other times its complete joy, or the feeling of what it's like to be a soul. In the ends it's one thing.


~Writer Yogi


  1. This is such a moving picture! Thanks for sharing it! I do feel like I completely surrender at times in yoga and that is good!

    1. I agree. The best experiences is when you give up holdong on and let it go! Happy you enjoyed.



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