Monday, September 10, 2012

Meatless Monday: Fajitas

Welcome to another Meatless Monday Recipe!

My husband and I decided Fajita's were what was going down! I do enjoy eating "south of the border". With the lovely cutting of yours truly and the seasoning and cooking of the Hubster, we got a yummy and pretty healthy I would say dinner! 

It was very simple really.
1. Cut up your veggies. We used, 1 green pepper. 4 mini sweet peppers, 1 onion

2. Stir fry your veggies with vegetarian chicken strips. Add taco seasoning and spices to your liking.

 3. Cut up one Avocado. You can mash it into a paste if you wish, or just scoop out and spread it onto a flour tortilla. Use as much avocado as you may wish. My husband doesn't like beans so I figured avocado would be a decent substitute. 

4. Finish with a few "veggie toppers". Spinach, lettuce if you wish, and tomatoes. (Not all the garnishing is on this one. But you can imagine how yummy it is! 

5. If not, here it is! Yummy! Enjoy! 

Namaste all,

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