Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Reasons To Live An Ujjayi Life

Non Yogi's always ask me when they see the name of my blog "What's that word?" I then tell them Ujjayi is a type of breathing in yoga and how breath is life. Furthering my yogic journey I've found this word means so much more! Ujjayi translates into VICTORIOUS. 

Reading the section on breath in "The Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual" by David Swenson, I read this and stopped. Then re-read. It means what?! Let me explain why I was so blown away. It totally enhanced my understanding of yoga, breath, and the meaning of my own blog. So here are my 3 Reasons To Live An Ujjayi Life.   

1.) It's the key to Yoga and Asana practice. Often You will hear the teacher say "You may now begin your Ujjayi breathing" or ""Don't forget your Ujjayi." I can now think of this term beyond "lions breath" or the "ocean sound".  I can begin my victorious breathing. Can't forget to my victory. See how fulfilling that is?  I can see why it is often said if you can breathe, you are practicing yoga. According to Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras "If the restraint of the mental modifications is achieved one has reached the goal of Yoga." We accomplish this by breathing. Clearing, enhancing and strengthening the mind. (Let me not get ahead of myself).

Breathing into a pose will be so much more meaningful now. Usually the thought crosses my mind that I need to push so that I can stay in the pose for just one more breath. If we breathe ujjayi; victorious, into our falling arms or heavily sighing thigh muscles in Warrior II, it can be a more pleasant experience. A boost up into the pose instead of a push forward. 

2.) Breathing clears the mind in more than one way. (Now onto the mental aspect.)  The breath gives you something powerful to focus on rather than you're own random thoughts during meditation.  All that good ole oxygen helps increase grey matter in the brain. I'm not the the scientific sort so I unfortunately can't fluently describe this. In Chelle speak: "It's good stuff for your brain woot!" In times of frustration, sadness, stress or what have you, what are we always told? "Calm down and take a breath." Now, I won't take any breath.  I will let the ocean soar from my throat or a humble lions roar. Victory in and out of my lungs. What ever is gong on will soon enough be sorted out. 

3.) Life Itself! When I realized I named my blog "Victorious Life" my heart jumped weeping excitedly. Is that not the goal of this blog, my life, all our lives? Controlling all the negative nonsense that floats around in our heads. Being present in every moment possible so we don't miss today, which is everyday. Expressing who we really are, which is always inside of us and fulfilling our purpose.  Connecting and learning from one another as if we all had ancient secrets in our DNA that mutated beautifully with freedom. Opening our hearts so they are not whole vessels but cups perpetually to be simultaneously filled and overflowing with love. 

So here it is. My Official Introduction to my blog.

Welcome to Ujjayi Life

Our Victorious Life 

Welcome and Namaste My Friends
~Chelle aka Writer Yogi

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