Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Take A Step Outside

So this week I am on vacation!! Yay!! That means I get to write as much as I want and to have the energy to  enjoy what we are supposed to enjoy on a regular basis.  That doesn't mean I don't have the tendency to shut myself inside on the computer. This happened most of yesterday, but I did have a weekend of outings and the week is still young! 

Taking a quick moment to think, "I should go outside and read a few pages of the Yoga Sutra's" (so pumped to read it!) I did just that. I wish I could remember the article I read, but I believe it said something about if you don't follow a decision you make within 30 seconds (it could have been less) you won't do it. So if I hadn't gotten up, grabbed my book after putting some cinnamon rolls in the oven and stepped outside I would have missed this!....

It was a lot brighter outside but my phone couldn't handle it haha. I still love how they turned out. Especially when I began to play with effects. I'm so glad I listened to myself in the few seconds it took that thought to cross my mind. I noticed the wind was blowing and ran all the way upstairs and took my phone off the charger to get these pictures because a few minutes later, that gap in the trees was bare! If I had remembered I have an actual camera (it had been so long without one I am still not used to it!)  I would have shown you the spider web on my porch railing connecting to the bush beside it, if I could have figured that out. *chuckle* 

Today, or any day for that fact, Let's attempt to use a few minutes or seconds to take a step outside. 

Namaste my friends,
~Chelle aka Writer Yogi 


  1. Your photos are beautiful. Since fall is right around the corner, I'm looking forward to spending more time outside. The mosquitoes are so bad around here in the summer.

    1. Thanks so much... I Love the Summer! I Love being warm, it being bright and sunny earlier and later. I do agree the bugs need to go! I appreciate you stopping by :)



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