Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make Your Dreams Physical

This is my "Chapbook" It started off as a joke. Now i'm  rethinking it.

This is my first "Chapbook". A couple pages of my poetry and a page ripped from yoga journal I turned into a cover. I can't even remember how I got this idea. All of a sudden I went, yeah, this will be great! Which is how a lot of my ideas start haha. I showed it to my writing group as kind of  a joke. Thinking on it more, I realized, it was a good idea!

I had in some form, made my dream real. I do want to publish my poetry. I want to be known as a poet. I want people to read or hear, when I'm reading from said collection ;) , my words and feel what I feel. I want to share all I have and take all that is  given back so I can share more. I am most alive when I am vulnerable so it is only natural for me to want to bear my soul.

It made me think about making another fake chapbook. Correction. I want to make a rough draft of my chapbook.  One that I don't slap together in 5 minutes just on a whim. Make a fairly decent cover actually thinking about what design would be appropriate. Put all of the poems I have written so far in there. Make a legitimate table of contents. A dedication if necessary, etc.

Making this chapbook, I can physically feel the pages and cover in my hand.I  can see my words in print with a cover, my name and title on the front. Smell the paper (I love book smell!) Even better, it is in real life! 

No more will I have to abstractly try to think about what my book would look like. How it will feel in my hands. How my words look on the page. Even if this version is not the final version, which of course it won't be, I will have a solid idea and manifestation of what I am aiming for. No more window shopping at a bookstore or envying the books on the table at an author reading. There will be no more struggle trying to mentally construct what I want in my daydreams. I can look on my desk and say, "Wow, that's my book. That can really be mine because, well, there it is!" 

What's something in your life you really want? Can you make a physical rough draft of it before it's in its final stages of completion? I recommend you do. That way, you know your dream will come true for the fact,  it's literally in your hands! 

Let's make our dreams physical my friends,

Chelle aka Writer Yogi 


  1. This is so awesome and inspiring, I think my favorite one from you yet! It's creative visualization times 10, making your dreams a literal reality that you can see, feel and even smell. By the way, I love the book smell too - haha! Libraries and bookstores, I can spend hours just walking around and looking and reading. Fantastic post, can't wait to see what you create next.

    1. Thanks Anna! It makes me happy to know it inspires you. A couple of friends of mine have told me I'm starting to help them in this way and it only makes me want to step my game up so I can continue to help them and myself. Is there anything you have in mind you can make physical to get you going on a goal or dream?

      As always, I appreciate the love.



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