Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Stranger, I Love You

Dear Stranger,
I Love You. I know you are walking down the street and I will never see you again in my life beyond this passing, but know what I say is true. I love you because you have breath.  You are like me, small on this mossy rock called earth spinning on an axis tilted because even the world knows you can't truly see something for what it really is head on. I love you because you are not like me as well. You see the world and move through it in ways that I will never do and I am amazed and respect you for that. I love you stranger because if I love you, there is a better chance I will reach to you as a friend instead of an enemy.

Dear Stranger,
I love you because in doing so, I can stretch my affection further than warm taffy and solidify my acceptance of whatever is in you stronger than fresh marble. By sharing my love beyond it's limits, removing the false reality of difference between our lives, it roots like eager seeds and grows uncontrollably. Even more vast than fairytale beanstalks this love. It will never shrink and die or be cut. It's grown to high and large , it touches the sun. How can the dark reach it there?

Dear Stranger,
My love for you can be considered illogical. Perhaps it is. I do not know you. You do not know me. How do I know if you are good or bad? That is where the true love comes in. I don't care who you are. My definition of love is acceptance and respect. There is nothing I can do about where you have been in life and unless we happen to meet face to face beyond our passing, I cannot effect your future. And that's okay. Love is the best "just because".

Dear Stranger,
I Love You. Why? Because you exist. And that's all the reason I need.


  1. Me gusta! Reminds me of this song by Regina Spektor

    1. Thanks for that Tim! That was wonderful.



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