Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreaming In Paris: Poem To and Inspired by Jennifer Pastiloff

I'm sitting at a mustard linen table in Paris.
Someone speaks.
I barely hear a whisper.
Today is not the day to care about what I can't or don't.
I've practiced among fellow life lovers.
Those who fearfully dance to music only to release worry through
Flailing arms, shaking hands, pointed feet and hair leaping without care.
How perfectly imperfect the dancing was that manifested such joy.

This day is to be in wonder of small things usually unnoticed.
Making life feel larger than sighing stars about to die in another solar system.
The soft air in morning that makes me laugh
Like it was raining feathers from heavens bedspreads
When tossed by dawn’s prayers.

My wine tastes like this flower unfolding on the table.
Bold. As it buds orange petals sweetly to summer air.
Leaning back in my metal chair I feel the universes "Om" underneath my skin.
I spread my arms not to miss greatness causing goosebumps under sundrenched flesh.

The waiter asks with bored lips, "Are you alright?"
I gaze at him wondering how he doesn't taste the strawberry sugared breeze
Where children with innocent pink lollipop fingers have unleashed a thousand hopeful dreams.

I laughed and said, "Of course! I am happy. Why wouldn't I be? Now pour me another glass of wine."
Last line are words by Jennifer Pastiloff herself. I read that line and went, "Got to write about it!"  Jen, you're really inspiring, sweet and I appreciate how open and honest you are in sharing your experiences with us! You are only yourself and I Love that so much. I hope all enjoyed.

Until next time my friends, Namaste,
~Chelle aka Writer Yogi 


  1. I am so moved by this. You have no idea,

    love jen

    1. I'm really glad! That makes me so happy! I was all nervous writing it and of course thought, its still not good enough but I hope it will do. I'm really turning into a fan of yours. Your so human and I LOVE that because that's how I am. I am unwilling to be perfect (because I believe perfection to be false) and simply wish to accept my quirks and learn about and experience as much as I can, especially if it deals with life and connecting with people such as yourself! <3 xoxo

  2. Lovely. I'm a fan of description and imagery and you really "painted" beautiful visions here....."hair leaping without care...strawberry sugared breeze...raining feathers from heavens bedspreads...sighing stars". Simply lovely.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed! This one took me a while to get right because it meant so much to me to write it and to who I was writing it for! I appreciate the love.

  3. It's a joy, discovering your work, piece by piece.

    1. Thats very kind of you. Thanks! It makes me happy to know y ou're enjoying my work. :)



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