Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be Bold: A Fresh Slate


The sky early this afternoon reminded me of what this day was all about. A clean slate! So blue and clear like it was ready for me to finger paint on it. Today, I've gone natural. I've cut all the chemically treated hair off and am left with what grows out of my head as is. I can now accept and embrace my lovely strands for how they are meant to be. A way to accept myself for how I am meant to be. 

A few months ago, I realized I was really fearful of this process! Instead of waiting only 4 months to cut my hair, I was going to wait a year. That's all fine and dandy until I realized why. Not doing something because you are afraid is not a good reason at all. Finding this out, I went from waiting for 12 months to skipping the last 8!

Sassy and syked!


One fear about this process was, am I rushing into this? I can't really go back in the way I want if I'm wrong. What if I fail again? (I have tried before and that didn't go so well). My last fear was, My hair will be SO Short! I'll look like a boy. I've wanted long hair for such a long time, why would I do the opposite? 

My mind was a few steps behind what my heart already knew. I'm not rushing. I am taking all my extra baggage and leaving at the bus stop. Why pack for a month when you'll only be gone for a week? I've been wanting a completely fresh start for such a long time. This is my chance. Now is the time to take it, not later. Having natural hair is a journey of self acceptance. I have a post on lessons learned from Yoga and going natural HERE. It's accepting the way that I am  instead of trying to change it. Especially when those changes are Not working. 

So here I am. One goal down before the year is out and I can barely even organize my thoughts in this post for my immense joy! In the words of the Lovely Jennifer Pastiloff "Fuck You Fear!". I've decided, it's time to Be Bold! 



  1. You look so adorable!!! LOVE it!

  2. h my gosh - congratulations on your fresh start! You look amazing in the dress and with your new, short hair. It is scary though, I can totally relate after having years and years of chemically relaxed hair. Cutting it off and going all natural is a HUGE and awesome step, inspiring bravery. You are a strong, wise, yogi warrior woman :)

    1. Whoa Anna! What a compliment. (I'm going to have to write about being a "strong, wise, yogi warrior woman" How brilliant are you! Thanks for the congrats too! I can't stop touching my hair! lol.It's going to be amazing. How long have you been natural?

  3. I completely understand. I'd envy those brave enough to do it. Told myself I was worried about looking like a hounddog....and I was but then the truth hit me. I was afraid of my hair. What to do, how was it supposed to feel??? Nawww ..I'm a grown woman....a mother. I look like being afraid of ME! Enjoy queen and let it do what it do.

    1. You speak the truth! Thanks for the support and I will definitely appreciate my hair for what it is and embrace how it is meant to be. :)



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