Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's Sunday and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I sure did. These posts are a new addition to my blog.  Weekly updates of my blog posts in one spot in case you missed a post in the middle of the week. (Yay!) I will put the links to each blog post in once location for you. I may add some other fun things in these as well from time to time like poetry, articles, other things for inspiration and fun! 

Since this is new. I appreciate any feedback about the format; if there is anything you think I may be missing, need to get rid of, or you just would really want to see on a weekly basis. 

So Cheers To the First Weekly Updates! As always, thanks for following along! 

Keep the Faith 8/14 (a little earlier but that's okay) : The title speaks for itself. (And it sings too) 

Poetry From Writer Yogi 8/19 : A collection of Poetry I have in this blog so far.

Be Bold: A Fresh Slate 8/23: I have 3 major goals for the end of the year. One is completed! 

How Disconnecting is the Best Connecting 8/25: A link to my very first article to go live on ! 

Confessions Of A Writer Yogi 8/26: My confessions. Writer Yogi style! What are yours my child? 

Namaste My Friends,
~Chelle aka Writer Yogi 

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